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Value Addition and Food Security

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In line with the latest 5th National Development Plan of Namibia, Cavema Fishing (Pty) Ltd. is focusing on Value Addition and maximization of economic benefits from marine resources. All efforts support the aim and objectives of improving and increasing value addition in the horse mackerel sector of the economy. Despite the difficult task of creating further value from the horse mackerel resource, the company is working hard in terms of research and development with increased budget and effort focusing on the job at hand. Last but not least, Cavema Fishing (Pty) Ltd. contributes greatly to food security in Namibia and the region. The fact that the company produces and distributes more than 32,000 tons of frozen horse mackerel per year speaks for itself. The final product is one of the most affordable sources of protein in the region and feeds millions of people with scarce resources.

Over the past six years, the company has produced and distributed over 600 tons of second grade horse mackerel at affordable prices. Much of the distribution efforts are done via the Power Save outlet in Kuisebmond, Walvis Bay. Though affordable the product is fully fit for human consumption as certified by the Namibia Standard Institution (NSI).
In addition, the company does annual fish donations as part of their food security and social responsibility efforts.


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Employment Creation
Cavema Fishing is fully committed to broaden the participation of Namibians in the Namibian fishing industry. Thus far the company has created plenty of Namibian direct jobs through its operations. Many indirect jobs are created by the operations of Cavema Fishing too. The company is making use of various service providers in the industry such as Stevedoring, Ship chandling, Ship Repairs and many more. The contribution of Cavema Fishing towards employment creation in Namibia is significant and very important.

Training and Human Resources Development
As mentioned earlier, one of the main objectives of the company is to concentrate on training programs for our employees. The company is making use of the services of NAMFI located in Walvis Bay, Namibia to train and qualify its sea going personnel. Cavema Fishing provides bursaries to potential students to further their studies at University or other tertiary institutions.

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