Allow me to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank our employees, management team and the board for a job well done. Our company is a relatively young player in the Namibian Fishing Industry but we have proven ourselves to be bold, innovative and resilient in a difficult and challenging environment. Our commitment towards addressing the socio economic inequalities of the past demonstrates our chosen strategic path. In our strategic planning efforts we are guided by documents such as Vision 2030. The Harambee Prosperity Plan and the National Development Plans. - Cavema Chairperson: Hosea Nico Kaiyamo.

Over the past seven years Cavema Fishing has shown its commitment to long term investments, employment creation, value addition and diversification. We have embraced new technology and continuous skills transfer as the best way forward to improve efficiencies and increase our competitive edge. We have been very privileged to be awarded the opportunity to participate in the Namibian Fishing Industry. Our annual quota allocation allows us to make and sustain the necessary investments in the various assets of production and distribution. This enormous privilege comes with the great responsibility of ensuring sustainable and responsible harvesting of our national marine resources. In essence, we are the custodians of our marine resources and we need to ensure sustainability for the next generations of Namibians.