Cavema Fishing (Pty) Ltd is very conscious of the socioeconomic needs of our society. Our extensive Social Responsibility Programme is a testament to our dedication and commitment to make a difference.

Social transformation is a very prominent pillar of the development efforts of the Namibian government. Cavema Fishing (Pty) Ltd. contributes its share through advancement of previously disadvantaged persons thus trying to address the socioeconomic inequalities of the past.

Such advancement is embodied in various areas of the company operations. Empowerment through beneficial shareholding and advancement through management and board participation is one such area. Employment and human resources development is yet another means of contributing. Initiatives undertaken under the Corporate Social Responsibility Programme also drive advancement of previously disadvantaged persons in our community. 

Cavema Fishing (Pty) Ltd. is fully AA compliant and supports BEE compliant suppliers and service providers. The company is guided by the various frameworks and documents formulated by government to address Social Transformation in Namibia.

Cavema Fishing is fully committed to broaden the participation of Namibians in the Namibian fishing industry. Many indirect jobs are created by the fishing, processing and marketing operations of Cavema Fishing. The company is making use of various service providers in the industry such as Stevedoring, Ship chandling, Ship Repairs and many more. The contribution of Cavema Fishing towards employment creation in Namibia is significant and very important.

Thus far the company has created the following Namibian direct jobs through its operations:

  • Semi-skilled 40 (seagoing) Namibian
  • Shore Operations 17 (shore based) Namibian
  • Administration 10 (shore based) Namibian
  • Stevedoring 40 Namibian

Through its operations as well as its Social Responsibility initiatives Cavema Fishing (Pty) Ltd. contributes greatly to regional development in Namibia. Due to the nature of the industry, the Erongo Region benefits the most from the activities of the company. But one must not forget that Cavema Fishing (Pty) Ltd. sells and distributes its final product in many other regions in the country, thus supporting local businesses and communities.

The CSR Programme of Cavema Fishing (Pty) Ltd. has a balanced geographical and demographical approach thus trying to support regional development across Namibia. The company has undertaken initiatives in Nkurenkuru in Kavango West and East Regions, Ohangwena Region, Omusati Region, Oshikoto Region, Oshana Khomas Region, as well as Kuisebmond, Utuseb and Swakopmund in the Erongo Region.